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MARDEK 3 on Newgrounds - an update!

2011-09-07 16:48:54 by Pseudolonewolf


I wrote a news post thing here *ages* ago saying I'd upload MARDEK 3 here but that I couldn't since it was too big, and wondered how I'd be able to increase the limit for what I could upload.

It turns out that Tom Fulp actually *did* kindly increase my limit quite some time ago, but I never realised it since I never really visit Newgrounds and this account was tied to my old email address, so I never even saw any notifications about it or anything!

I feel embarrassed now since I probably seem stupid for not taking the opportunity that he gave me!

So yes, now I can upload it, so that's great. I feel sort of awkward about doing so though since it's been months since I even so much as looked at MARDEK 3, so it feels sort of out of date.

I will upload it anyway though, since some people are sure to enjoy it if I do and I may even get through to some people who never saw it elsewhere.

But I'd like to delay it for a few days first, since I'm working on renovating my website at the moment, and it'd be nice if I could finish that first so then people who get to my site from MARDEK 3 here won't end up making accounts only to have to make new ones days later. A few more days of delaying won't really make all that much difference in the long run anyway, I don't think.

So, uh, yes! MARDEK 3 will finally be on Newgrounds, I suppose, within probably a week or two! Sorry for the rather rude delay; I really should check here more often.


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2011-09-14 05:05:50

Wooo MARDEK 3 :)


2011-09-16 20:12:12

Fuck yeah man, hey is it true that you can load your past saves and keep the items from mardek 2 played on newgrounds?

i saw that on the website you originally posted on months ago.


2011-09-16 20:45:27

woot can barely wait i replayed the previous chapters since it had been so long since last time the saves where erased so now i can barely wait to play it with the cap 2 save hurry up man XD


2011-09-24 17:15:45

Send me a message when its up? Thanks! Can't wait. Mardek is one of my favorite series.


2011-09-30 19:28:24

Will you hurry it up? Or shall we wait again a few months until you remember that you have to put it on Newgrounds? Geez,forgetting your own children is the worst crime one can do,and you sure treat your ''children'',which are your flash games for that instance,with total carelessness and disrespect! Even to your fellow fans this is disrespect par excellence. So,please hurry it up!


2011-10-13 11:27:57

Ok,nevermind. I just figured from your site,that you are an extremely helpless guy who has too much chaos on his hands,so we will stop bothering you. Just look out to be done with your projects before the end of 2012...


2011-10-17 17:22:00

It's been over a week since you last posted this -- are you even reading this comment of mine?


2011-10-27 21:08:49

This post is extremely old. If you're not going to be able to post it, at least tell us. The fact that you told us this but didn't follow through will just make your veiwers mad. I'm shure we'll all be fine if you just tell us.


2011-11-10 18:16:16

I'm pretty sure I've waited four years for chapter three of Mardek, and last completed it (for the third time) a year ago, when you said the third chapter would be available soon. This is really, really upsetting. I know it's available elsewhere, but I want to play my own file, into which I put ten hours of my time.


2011-11-19 20:25:55

Please do upload MArdek 3 as I played the first two on this site, and therefore would like to take advantage of all the equipment that I had gathered. Great series though!


2011-11-26 15:48:33

Why is not out on newgrounds?


2011-12-08 19:22:28

C'mon you gonna let us play it here or not?


2011-12-24 23:26:56

I'm sure you won't read this any time soon, but anyways, just wanted to say that Mardek is one of my favorite games of all time, and I can't wait to play Mardek 4. My only complaint is that I always forget the plot by the time the next game is released due to the time between releases. Oh well, take care man.


2011-12-25 05:58:44

Dude it has been more then a month when are you gonna upload it?


2012-01-09 14:47:07


I wouldn't count on that chapter 3 is coming on Newgrounds any time soon, since it's been over 6 months to my knowledge. However, searching on the net I found a solution that allows you to transfer the save files from Newgrounds to another website, for example kongregate. The link is here: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/53-m ardek-rpg-chapter-3/topics/139461-iss ue-loading-saved-games-from-newground s-solved


2012-05-20 12:24:38

put MARDEK 3 on Newgrounds


2012-07-20 01:41:50

a week or two by but hole.


2012-07-20 01:43:54

ITS Been 9 dam months... i have so much stuff here I want to play mardek 3 with my game stuff here.....


2012-08-21 22:17:42

The only problem I have with your series being on three different websites is that if you choose not to continue on one site those of us on that site are unable to transfer our save codes to the other sites. If you could fix that small problem less of us would be angry about following the game to where ever it moved.


2012-09-18 15:05:01

As said by many others, I've already sunk ten hours of my time on a Newgrounds profile of the game, so if you aren't going to upload it to newgrounds, I'm just not going to play it.


2012-11-18 09:59:29

It has been almost a year since this has been put up, and the other games have been updated for a while now, so I have two questions: Why is the updated Mardek 3 coming out and when the hell are you going to start/finish Mardek 4?


2013-02-06 10:31:54

It's been more than a year! Where is Mardek 3? >:(


2013-06-23 02:16:41

Folks, I think he is dead in reality. Only reason I can think of why he hasn't uploaded anything in almost two years. Oh well, if you are dead dude, sorry that ya passed. If you're not dead and just UBER busy, hope you come back soon.


2013-06-29 19:10:06

What are you guys talking about? He's still alive and kicking. Check out his website Fig Hunter. Newgrounds isn't his main website you know.


2013-07-29 10:42:46

new blog


2013-08-08 01:25:18

I already played Mardek 3 outside of Newgrounds so all I'm interested in is, MAKE MARDEK CHAPTER 4! It does not HAVE to be a big-ass flash game, Hell, It can be even smaller than Chapter 3, I don't care, Just make sure there is more variety thank there was in Chapter 2, and give Gaspar more character development rather than making him a Violent grunt of an Annukai, Maybe even bring back Deugan and Steele, JUST WORK ON IT PLEASE!


2015-09-19 09:26:12

Was this posted in 2011? Any chance we could get Mardek 3 on Newgrounds?
Or did you grow up and leave us?


2015-09-19 09:38:15

Lol, I didn't mean to sound entitled, making a game like this sure takes a lot of time and effort and you're giving us it for free! It's amazing so whatever you're doing that took your mind away from the project, I wish you all the best with it!


2016-03-13 00:53:28

I hate to say it, but with this being from 4.5 years ago and there being a post on Pseudolonewolf's own website from a year ago that he was working on Mardek 4, it's safe to assume that we'll probably never see any more of this guy's stuff on NG. We can hope to be surprised, but that's about it.


2017-07-11 16:23:40

seems like he has discontinued MARDEK according to his blog: tamingmind.com you guys should check out his blog if you wanna know what's going on with him