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-Gravity- -Gravity-

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well, it certainly kept me playing for all 50 of the level things!
It's an interesting idea, and it IS rather challenging! Nicely challenging though rather than frustratingly so.
The graphics are clean, and simple; they don't need to be anything more than that. They work.
Stylistically, this was interesting; it had a feeling to it that I can't describe.
There was no sound, but I don't think simple games like this NEED sound. It's usually annoying anyway and I'd rather put on my own music. That and it just increases the filesize.

All in all, it was a nice little challenge that occupied a few minutes and tested my skills, and I beat all the levels. Woo. I didn't get anything for it except my own personal satisfaction, but what else do you need?

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MindScape MindScape

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Interesting indeed! This was a nicely original platformer, I thought (well, *I* haven't seen anything like it before anyway).

Graphics: For some reason I really liked the stylistic, neat look of the main character; especially his size on the stage. Too many platformers have godawfully large sprites that take up too much of the screen; this did not!
And I'm really amazed at how well the levels were designed, graphics-wise! I mean, the second world made no sense, but at the same time it makes perfect sense because it's not like you'd expect things in your own demented mind to make sense anyway!
Uh... Yes, though; I'm rather interested in how the levels were constructed; the platforms all fit together seamlessly.

Style: Unique. Interesting! "Trippy". I especially liked the peculiar look of the third world; it fits the premise perfectly.
And the whole game feels like you're in a "mindscape" world, too.
The whole changing gravity/angle at first made me go "wow", and worked really well!
Also, though I generally don't like the "floaty" feel a lot of Flash platformers have, I think it worked well in this; it fit the premise.

Sound: The music was certainly apt and created the mood for each of the levels perfectly. It sounded like something from a dream, or a mental fabrication, being airy and 'weird' as it was.
Though I think the music loop on the first world was a bit too short...

Violence: I don't seem to recall there being any... But that's a good thing! Yes, giving you a '1' for this is good. Yes. I don't like unnecessary violence.

Interactivity: Well, it's a game, isn't it?
But you could only really run and jump, and that's all. I'd say "an attack move would've been good!", but I also think it would've been unnecessary, and that the game's fine how it is without one.

Humour: The first cutscene vaguely amused me, but I can't remember there being any more notably amusing bits...

Overall: Brilliantly made, especially coding-wise! I found no bugs, and everything worked as it should. The levels were long... But not too long. They seemed well thought-out. I was often unsure of my position in the level though and thought I might end up back at the beginning, having to do the whole thing again, but that never happened, and I seemed to just float my way around in some random direction and ended up at the exit. It's good that it's possible to do that instead of getting lost and frustrated!
Also, the game was easy, but that's not a bad thing!
I don't know about replay value though... But then again I personally don't replay games anyway.

But, uh... Good job and stuff, yes!
I can tell this took a lot of time and effort!

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Super Doggy Super Doggy

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well-made, but lacking... personality?

This is really a rather good game, considering! But at the same time, I kept thinking as I played it how it could be so much better...

Graphics: These are really rather good, especially the backgrounds! They're amazing, especially all the detail put into them. I'm surprised it didn't lag more than it did because of them!
Though the main characters animations, being drawn frame-by-frame, can be... awkward at times. Like in one animation (for a super power; breath maybe?), where he looked bigger than usual or something...
Actually, the character was too big in general, I thought; if smaller, you could've fit more area on the screen and also scrolled at the same speed and it would've *seemed* like you were going faster...

Style: Hm... I can't personally say I like the idea for the setting, and the ridiculous 'plot' (if it could be called that), but I suppose it's pretty individual in its style. Quaintly charming, or something.

Sound: The music was... interesting, I thought, in that I considered it (as a composer myself) to be rather well-composed, but... it sounded like "orchestral music" rather than "music that happens to be orchestral"; that is, it had the bland, trite 'sensationalist' feel that a lot of 'orchestral' music for games and films has. It makes it forgettable, and all too samey. It also seemed rather inappropriate considering the graphics - you'd expect upbeat cartoony music - but I rather like that you defy conventions in that sense, actually. Still, it didn't fit brilliantly at parts; it sounded borrowed rather than composed especially for the places in which it was used.

Violence: Though I gave it a 1, I'm rather glad there's essentially no violence! Well, nothing *graphic* at any rate.

Interactivity/Gameplay: Gameplay-wise, it's really well-coded and I didn't find any bugs, and it feels solid rather than annoyingly 'floaty' as a lot of Flash platformers tend to, but the super powers often don't add anything and take a while to gain, or get awkward in their use, like the flying that runs out all too fast or the breath and strength attacks that don't allow you to *move* while performing them (I accidentally tried the breath attack while jumping over a pit... Bad idea).
Also, the level designs are really simplistic, but they work and are challenging. A little *too* challenging later on, actually, for the casual gamer. And then when you get game over, you have to restart from the beginning again! A save feature, or at least a continue feature, would make the game much better! (I mean, I only got up to about the fifth or six level, died, tried again from the beginning, died again around the same level, then quit because doing the same levels again wasn't an appealing thought; I just don't have enough time at the moment.)

Humour: I found the premise amusingly absurd, but that's it.

Overall: It's a good, solid game and most of its parts are good when looked at individually, but together they sort of don't... fit? It's hard to explain, but the best games always seem to have a distinct 'personality' about them, like they're into themselves and excited about themselves because they're made with the genuine desire to make a good game, so you as the player become excited about them too. This, though... It seems to lack that, and in a way it seems like it's made for reasons other than just to make a game for the fun of it.
So, in conclusion, it's better than a lot of Flash games, but I'd not say it's the best in its genre on Newgrounds!

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Nimian Flyer Legends Nimian Flyer Legends

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very... interesting!

I haven't seen a Flash game like this one before! From the title, I thought it'd be one of those generic side-scrolling shooter things thaty are completely *not* original.
But I was surprised to find that it wasn't!
The pseudo-3D visuals were very interesting and well done, and the coding seemed to be rather amazing!
It actually kept me playing all the way through to the end, unlike most Flash games. Which is good!
The only thing I didn't like was the abrupt beginning. You're sort of just thrown into a world with little background information or purpose, and you don't exactly know what you're doing...
If there *is* something in the game that explains whatever story there is, I must've missed it... Hm.

Anyway, very good job with this! I liked it!

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Jack Russell Jack Russell

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is a rather impressive and well-made game! The concept is original, too; or, at least, I've never seen a game like this before anyway.
The draw-your-own-path thing was original and worked well.
And heh, a Jack Russel...
From the title, I thought it might be one of those virtual pet things, but it wasn't!
Oh, and the music was good too.

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